Digital Storytelling Summer School in East London

The Storytelling Research Team will be delivering a two-day Digital Storytelling workshop in our London campus on the 6th and the 7th of August as part of the East Education Summer School at Here East in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

This workshop is also the final event of the EOOL project and aims to showcase the methodology applied in this EU funded project to explore its potential in other formal and non-formal education contexts.

The title of the workshop facilitated by Dr Antonia Liguori and Dr Tania Ganitsky is: Futurescapes. Storytelling and Video-Making Workshop: Using Digital Museums Resources to Imagine Our City in 2050”.

Participants will 

  • learn how to use the cloud-based video-editing software WeVideo to make their own digital story;
  • explore the variety of museums digital resources available online;
  • experiment with storyboarding techniques for creative writing;
  • learn how to record and edit an audio file;
  • be supported in the selection of images and the production of a short video;
  • reflect on the 5-step Digital Storytelling process and to apply it in a variety of educational contexts;
  • increase visual literacy through close looking at art.

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