Slow Storytelling

A photo of “The Judge” Mick Gowar during The Reasons in the Fens

A new article by Professor Mike Wilson. ‘Slow Storytelling and hybridity: Re-staging community storytelling as a tool for co-thinking’ appears in the latest edition of Book 2.0 (Vol.11, No.1, pp. 107-123) and explores some of the ideas we have been working with in our work at the Storytelling Academy in recent years. It considers how ‘hybrid’ approaches to applied storytelling (combining the digital and the analogue, the live and the mediated, the individual and the collective) can establish spaces for creative thinking by communities to address the current challenges they are facing. Referencing in particular our work in the Cambridgeshire Fens and Nairobi, it also proposes the idea of ‘Slow Storytelling’ and how the use of technology to create, share and archive our stories can generate a more reflective, process-driven mode of storytelling that promotes storytelling as a tool for thinking.

The link to the university repository is here: