Dr Angélica Cabezas Pino

Dr Angélica Cabezas Pino joined the Storytelling Academy at Loughborough University in 2020 as Research Associate.

She has conducted research with people living with HIV in Chile, with refugee women in emergency settings in Bangladesh and Jordan, among others. In the UK, she has worked with women artists with experiences of displacement, and with queer communities to explore gender performativity.

In August 2018, she received a PhD in Anthropology, Media and Performance (AMP) from The University of Manchester and prior to this, she completed an MPhil in Ethnographic Documentary at the same university (2013). Before moving to the UK, she studied Social Communication at the Pontifical Catholic University in Chile, and Documentary Filmmaking at the International School of Cinema San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. 

She has worked for universities in the UK and in Chile, and for international institutions, such as UN Women. Her research has been presented at international conferences and film festivals across the globe, and her latest visual ethnography was shortlisted for the 2019 Richard Werbner award by the Royal Anthropological Institute.