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Antonia Liguori presenting at the MeCCSA Conference on behalf of the DRY Project team

Co-designing an online ‘Utility Tool’ to bridge science and community knowledge through storytelling is the title of the paper that Dr Antonia Liguori (Lecturer in Applied Storytelling at Loughborough University) will present at the MeCCSA Conference 2020 in Brighton, UK. This paper was thought and written in collaboration with Professor Lindsey McEwen (PI on the DRY Project) and Professor Mike

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Antonia Liguori at the Drought and Water Scarcity Conference in Oxford

Antonia Liguori participated at the About Drought Conference. Drought and Water Scarcity: addressing current and future challenges, organised by the University of Oxford in March 2019. She delivered a paper on behalf of Mike Wilson, Lindsey McEwen, and Liz Roberts to trigger discussions about some of the narrative approaches applied as part of the DRY -Drought Risk and You project.

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