DICHE – Digital Innovation in Cultural Heritage Education in the light of 21st century learning



Funder: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships

Value: 307,189 € total budget; 44,513 € to our research team.

Marnix (Netherlands)  
LEU (Netherlands) 
ATIT (Belgium)  
Coopculture (Italy) 
University of Roma Tre (Italy) 

Website: http://diche-project.eu/  

The DICHE project ran between 2016-2018 and its aim was to integrate digital resources and opportunities for cultural and heritage education in primary school. 

The DICHE consortium consisted of six partner organisations coming from different European countries and operating at the intersection of primary education, cultural and heritage education and e-learning.

Together they developed a theoretical framework for the use of digital tools in cultural and heritage education. Based on this framework, a set of practical teaching scenarios and digital tools were tested and made available to (prospective) teachers for immediate use in classrooms.