UK-based Projects

This is the list of our UK-based Projects (you can click on each of them to get more information):

Animated Storytelling for Mental Health Literacy Among Young People 2019-2021

DRY – Drought Risk and You  2014-2019

ENDOWS: Engaging diverse stakeholders and publics with outputs from the UK Drought and Water Scarcity programme 2018-2019

CASCADE – Increasing Civil Society’s capacity to deal with changing extreme weather risk: negotiating dichotomies in theory and practice 2016-2019

LiDA – Loneliness in the Digital Age 2014-2018

EMoTiCON – Empathy and Trust in Online Communication 2014-2018

Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery  2013-2018

The Reasons 2016-2017

Storytelling for de-radicalised young people 2016-2017