We are involved in a number of initiatives that look at the role of storytelling in today’s digital world and how it might be applied to bring new voices into the public debate around major challenges facing society.

The work has grown out of Professor Mike Wilson’s long-standing research into various aspects of storytelling and, in particular, Project ASPECT, a major AHRC-funded project, in collaboration with the Department of Energy and Climate Change, that explored the potential of digital storytelling to support wider public engagement in the climate change conversation.

When Dr Antonia Liguori joined Professor Mike Wilson at Loughborough University in 2014 to work on the DRY – Drought Risk and You project, an interdisciplinary research project, funded by NERC, ESRC, EPSRC, BBSRC and AHRC (2014-2019) under the RCUK Drought and Water Scarcity Programme, she brought her additional experience in leading Digital Storytelling EU funded projects.

See here a full list of the current Research Projects:

UK-based Projects

Animated Storytelling for Mental Health Literacy Among Young People 2019-2021

DRY – Drought Risk and You  2014-2019

ENDOWS: Engaging diverse stakeholders and publics with outputs from the UK Drought and Water Scarcity programme 2018-2019

CASCADE – Increasing Civil Society’s capacity to deal with changing extreme weather risk: negotiating dichotomies in theory and practice 2016-2019

LiDALoneliness in the Digital Age 2014-2018

EMoTiCONEmpathy and Trust in Online Communication 2014-2018

Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery  2013-2018

The Reasons 2016-2017

Storytelling for de-radicalised young people 2016-2017

European Projects

CERTIFY – Crisis and Employment: Tools and methodologies For Your future 2019-2021

Art-Connection – Enhancing the 8th European Key Competence (cultural sensitivity and expression) to develop individual and collective skills at the service of social cohesion 2019-2022

Opération “calcul” à Graphoville 2.0 2019-2021

SELAM – Learning self-awareness and self-management to eliminate bullying and create peer support scheme in immigrant concentrated schools 2018 -2020

DIST- Digital Integration StoryTelling 2017 – 2019

EOOL – Digital Storytelling: The Europe of our lives 2017-2019

DICHE – Digital Innovation in Cultural Heritage Education in the light of 21st century learning 2015-2017

NAR-SPI – Narrative Educational Resources for Socio-professional Inclusion 2015-2017

Global Projects

Tupumue 2019-2022

PÁRAMOProvisioning of ecosystem services And Cultural values in the Montane tropics  2018-2021

PARAGUASHow do the Páramos Store Water? The Role of Plants and People 2018-2021

MeHelp: Mental health Literacy in urban and rural communities in India: An interdisciplinary approach using applied theatre methodology 2018-2021

The AIR Network: Action for Interdisciplinary Air Pollution Research 2017-2019

‘Storying’ the Cultural Heritage: Digital Storytelling as a tool to enhance the 4Cs in formal and informal learning 2018

CMist – Creative Methodologies to Investigate Sustainable Transport

I-CMIIST – Implementing creative methodological innovations for inclusive sustainable transport planning

For further details, please, contact Mike Wilson and Antonia Liguori.