Global Projects

This is the list of our International Research Projects (you can click on each of them to get more information):

Tupumue 2019-2022

PÁRAMO – Provisioning of ecosystem services And Cultural values in the Montane tropics  2018-2021

PARAGUAS – How do the Páramos Store Water? The Role of Plants and People 2018-2021

MeHelp: Mental health Literacy in urban and rural communities in India: An interdisciplinary approach using applied theatre methodology 2018-2021

The AIR Network: Action for Interdisciplinary Air Pollution Research 2017-2019

‘Storying’ the Cultural Heritage: Digital Storytelling as a tool to enhance the 4Cs in formal and informal learning 2018

CMist – Creative Methodologies to Investigate Sustainable Transport

I-CMIIST – Implementing creative methodological innovations for inclusive sustainable transport planning