CASCADE – Increasing Civil Society’s capacity to deal with changing extreme weather risk: negotiating dichotomies in theory and practice


Project value: £29,811

Partners: University of the West of England; Warwick University; Sheffield University; University of South Wales; Rutgers, New Jersey; James Cook University, Australia; Dundee University

CASCADE is an ESRC-funded interdisciplinary seminar series that explores the challenges facing civil society as a result of increased extreme weather events and ways of dealing with the increased risk and building resilience. The series comprises 9 seminars – interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary and inter-professional – with strong representation from civil society and non-academic organisations, both nationally and internationally. These will navigate and negotiate challenges and opportunities for research and practice in how civil society prepares for extreme weather risk, and recovers from actual events. The seminar series discussions will capitalise on dialogue between new configurations of UK and international participants (academics from different disciplines, civil society representatives, businesses in the community, risk management agencies).

We will be hosting one of the seminars on 18th October 2019 dealing with the role of the creative arts in fostering dialogue and new ways of thinking.