Dr Fred Dalmasso

Dr Fred Dalmasso is a multidisciplinary scholar, screenwriter, playwright and theatre practitioner. His main area of research is the relationship between performance, theatre, philosophy and politics. His teaching focuses on 20th and 21st aesthetics. Fred is also convenor of the Politicised Practice Research Group at Loughborough whose recent collective work on re-imagining citizenship was exhibited internationally.
Before joining academia, Fred trained at the École du Théâtre National de Chaillot (Paris) and worked in the theatre industry in France and Ireland. He is now the artistic director of collect-ifs, a performer/practitioner/writer collective specialising in the staging of philosophical ideas in such a way as to make them accessible to a wide audience.
Over the past two years, Fred has been involved in some of the Storytelling Academy projects: E-SHAHRAZAD (Innovative Approaches in Adult Education: Digital Storytelling in Intergenerational Learning), MARS (Methodological Approaches for Real Social Effects in Adult Education) and ART-CONNECTION (Enhancing the 8th European Key Competence – cultural sensitivity and expression – to develop individual and collective skills at the service of social cohesion)
More info and a list of his publications on the University website.