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The SOLIS project at the e-methodology conference in Poland

On behalf of our 8 European project partners, Dr Antonia Liguori gave a presentation on “Digital Storytelling as a tool for peer learning. Reflecting on the European project SOLIS as a case study within formal and non-formal Education”. Digital Storytelling is a well-known workshop-based approach that, over the past 25 years, has been successfully applied in formal and non-formal Education

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The Storytelling Academy at the IMS2IDT Conference in India

Dr Antonia Liguori and Prof Mike Wilson delivered their keynote opening the first two days of the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Perspective on Memory Studies, Storytelling and the Impact of Digital Technologies, organised by the Department of Sciences and Humanities of the VNR Vignana Jyothy Institute of Engineering and Technology, India. The EU funded project SOLIS was presented as a

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Antonia Liguori at the Drought and Water Scarcity Conference in Oxford

Antonia Liguori participated at the About Drought Conference. Drought and Water Scarcity: addressing current and future challenges, organised by the University of Oxford in March 2019. She delivered a paper on behalf of Mike Wilson, Lindsey McEwen, and Liz Roberts to trigger discussions about some of the narrative approaches applied as part of the DRY -Drought Risk and You project.

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