CREATIVITY meeting in Belgium

For many of us it has been a long time since we have been able to travel outside of the UK, so it was particularly exciting for the team to travel to Belgium for a meeting with the partners on the CREATIVITY project!

🎯 The project aims to educate, strengthen, and encourage 12-18 years old schoolchildren to practically demonstrate four competencies (4Cs):

✅ Creativity

✅ Critical thinking

✅ Cooperation

✅ Communication

The meeting consisted of lots of cake and chocolate but also some very exciting conversations as we started to look forward to some of the details of the project. This project will involve 10 workshops being developed by various partners. These workshops will be designed for educators or students to use via an online platform and will allow the students to develop employability skills around the 4Cs. These skills are often the ones that employers (particularly in the arts) look for and for many schools across Europe, the ability to access formal education in specific arts skills is dwindling. It is very exciting to think that something we create will be able to support young people to be better prepared for their future jobs.

These 10 workshops are going to be trialled by educators and students from the different partner countries. 5 in Sienna, Italy and 5 in Leicester, UK. We are all looking forward to giving things like clowning and photography a go!

The Storytelling Academy was represented by Dr Antonia Liguori, Sally Bellman and Jennifer Stuttle

Project partners: #SienaArtInstitute, #LoughboroughUniversity, #ATiT, #DeMontfortUniversityLeicester, #SPES, #Zukunftsakade #lyderystėsirversloakademija, Research Paths, Istituto Luigi Sturzo