CREATIVITY workshops in Leicester

Last week our partners descended in the UK to take part in our second week of workshops for the CREATIVITY project.

🎯 The project aims to educate, strengthen, and encourage 12-18 years old schoolchildren to practically demonstrate four competencies (4Cs):

✅ Creativity

✅ Critical thinking

✅ Cooperation

✅ Communication

Our week included workshops in Communication, Identity, Documentary theatre, Improvisation and Stand up. It was a brilliant week of seeing how drama could be used to develop skills in the 4Cs and much fun was had by all.

Now that all the workshops have been completed, the workshop materials will be fine-tuned before being uploaded to an online platform that is currently being created. These will then be used next spring in different workshops that each of the partners will be hosting. It will be exciting to see how young people develop skills through these amazing workshops!

The Storytelling Academy was represented by Sally Bellman and Jennifer Stuttle

Project partners: #SienaArtInstitute, #LoughboroughUniversity, #ATiT, #DeMontfortUniversityLeicester, #SPES, #Zukunftsakade #lyderystėsirversloakademija, Research Paths, Istituto Luigi Sturzo