Filming for CREATIVITY

The CREATIVITY project is now well underway. All 10 workshop have been delivered and are now in the process of being refined ready to be uploaded to the online platform and used in multiplier events next spring.

The Storytelling team have been working on filming videos for the Digital Storytelling workshop. This workshop will support young people to develop skills in Creativity, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Communication through the 5-step digital storytelling process.

Once the films have been edited by Jay Bradley, they, plus lesson plans and additional resources, will be available for educators to use and for students to access independently from the online platform. We are excited to see them up on the platform and supporting people develop skills in the 4Cs.

The Storytelling Academy was represented by Dr Antonia Liguori, Karen Sung, Sally Bellman and Jennifer Stuttle

Project partners: #SienaArtInstitute, #LoughboroughUniversity, #ATiT, #DeMontfortUniversityLeicester, #SPES, #Zukunftsakade #lyderystėsirversloakademija, Research Paths, Istituto Luigi Sturzo