Very successful Storytelling events to present SOLIS, FutureAbility and CREATIVITY

In early May, the MA students and researchers from the Storytelling Academy gathered at Bom Bom Patisserie in Loughborough to share the values of Storytelling that were explored through European-funded projects such as SOLISFutureAbility, and Creativity

The event spanned several days and was hosted in a cozy coffee shop that quickly became comfortable and familiar for both the organisers and the community of various stakeholders in attendance.

The Intellectual outputs produced by the three projects were presented, tested and evaluated, and a series of engagement activities where delivered to make participation active and enjoyable.

All the outputs are available on the projects websites:




During each of the events, all participants were requested to bring along a personal object that they valued. These objects were then used to create and share personal stories in small groups. The session included a variety of activities such as ice breaker games, Story-circleStoryboarding, and the Sharing moment, which were all participated in with great enthusiasm and care.

At the end of the event were screened personal digital stories from MA students and some digital stories developed as part of the EU funded projects.

Here is some feedback from participants:

“Super! When I shared the story, Karla cried and I cried too, but those are healing tears and Karla painted this for me.”