Future Yetu Digital Storytelling workshop on climate change

Enhancing the technical ability of Korogocho community to manage climate change risks and opportunities through Digital Storytelling.

Hope Raisers initiative, in collaboration with Loughborough University, Nairobi Safer City Initiative and Landskapslaget, from the 16th to the 18th of October organised a 3-day digital storytelling workshop at The Luke Hotel Nairobi (Kenya) that brought together community leaders and Nairobi county government officials on developing stories and dialogue around climate adaptation and climate change.

The aim of the workshop was to engage and build the capacity of community leaders in articulating and expressing their views on issues around climate change and climate adaptation. The session provided an avenue for the county government to respond to the community concerns and demonstrate the role of the government in cautioning community on effects of climate change.

We cannot continue to destroy our nature simply because of profits, it is important that we engage with duty bearers in the city to find a better solution in protecting our environment“.
Sentiment shared by Karen Achieng, participant and community leader from Korogocho.

Participants were introduced to the concept of storytelling, the story circle, script writing, audio/video recording and editing. During the session, each participant was tasked with the responsibility to reflect on personal experience around the four elements on water, air, fire and soil. The four elements formed the basis of the discussion on climate change and climate adaptation that the participants identified with and created personal stories around same.

The workshop brought together about 25 participants including 20 community leaders (teachers, women leaders, representative from religious institutions, youth leaders, community activists and minority were represented) and the Nairobi metropolitan service environment department. A short film of the session will be available on the Hope Raisers YouTube page soon.

Please, read here more information about Future Yetu project.