SOLIS and CERTIFY: 2 Online Digital storytelling training workshops for international trainees

In January and March 2021, the Storytelling Academy at Loughborough University hosted two online digital storytelling workshops as part of the two EU funded projects SOLIS and CERTIFY.

One of the slides created for the CERTIFY Handbook

During both training workshops, Dr Antonia Liguori, Senior Lecturer in Applied Storytelling at Loughborough University, guided the international participants through the 5-step digital storytelling process.

As part of SOLIS, 14 school teachers and educators were introduced to this technique to explore issues related to cultural diversity and social inclusion. All the digital stories were published on the project website and are accessible via this link.

As part of CERTIFY, 14 workers from the cultural and creative sector created stories and reflective videos on how to enhance transversal skills such as creativity, collaboration, resilience, flexibility, self-management.

You can read more about the CERTIFY training workshop via this link.