E-SHAHRAZAD: OUR NEW EU funded project promotes inter-generational learning through digital storytelling

E-SHAHRAZAD is an Erasmus plus Strategic partnership project in the field of Adult Education, that aims to bridge the gap between the young generation and the adult generation using stories.


Active Aging İndex of the EU Commision, the proportion of population “aged 65 +” in the partner countries is like this: the ratio is % 8.8 in Turkey, %39 in Spain and Italy and is %32 band in Portugal.

There are significant and rising challenges in meeting older people’s needs for learning and ensuring that they participate in learning throughout their later years, which are becoming an increasingly long period of their lives. Adult learners do not just need better literacy, they also need better digital literacy. There is a growing ‘digital skills divide’ in Europe.

With the development of technology, a period that exists especially in adults over the age of 55+ but deepens with the isolation experienced during the covid 19 process and the social, psychological and existential problems it brings. 

E-SHAHRAZAD project team

Read more on the project website: https://www.e-shahrazad.eu/