The SOLIS team back together for a face-to-face meeting in Loughborough

On the 1st February 2022 partners of the Erasmus+ project SOLIS met at Loughborough University, UK. The SOLIS project is creating an e-learning platform with modules to promote wellbeing, inclusion and diversity in schools, as well as a mobile resource to support teachers.

The SOLIS team at Loughborough University, UK

Central to the SOLIS project is the creation of a library of 80+ digital stories, enabling the SOLIS partners to co-design, adapt and test the Digital Storytelling methodology with educators in a classroom setting. These Digital Storytelling skills were acquired during online learning activities in 2021, involving teachers from all partner countries. Digital stories are being created by students in the UK, Norway, Turkey, Malta, Italy, Lithuania, Spain and Greece under the guidance of trained partners. Digital Storytelling is a key methodology within the inclusive education approaches presented by the SOLIS project, working as a method of reflection, expression, understanding and development for the students involved, giving them awareness about the themes raised of inclusion and wellbeing. The Digital Storytelling methodology also enhances their self-confidence and provides additional digital skills.

Filming session with the SOLIS team

When the SOLIS partners came together at Loughborough University, the first session of ‘micro learning modules’ were recorded with expert partners, providing focused, micro insight into inclusion, conflict, digital media, bullying and respect. This video content will be available throughout the learning outputs of the SOLIS project, such as the e-learning platform and mobile resource. An example of a question that is addressed in the platform is ‘What is conflict that cannot be resolved?’ An interesting concept that was viewed as both normal and part of healthy diversity, with a core idea that conflict is not necessarily harmful and cannot be completely eliminated, as long as core individual values and respect are not diminished, and compromise and tolerance is sought.

The SOLIS team during the meeting joined online by the partners who could not travel to the UK

The project is formed by the following partners:

Loughborough University (UK) – Coordinator

E Consultants (Norway)

Afyonkarahisar Provincial National Education Directorate (Turkey)

AcrossLimits (Malta)

People Help the People (Italy)

European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute (Lithuania)

European Learning Centre (Spain)

Research Paths (Greece)


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