Apply for a 3-day Digital Storytelling workshop at the IFLA Congress

The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) are still looking for students, both undergrads and postgrads, to apply for their Student Charette workshop. The charette is a three day workshop where students will be able to develop skills in digital storytelling, build an international community network and widen insights into the landscape architecture subject. Open to all students studying Landscape Architecture or similar degrees, the charette takes place simultaneously in Stockholm, Sweden and Nairobi, Kenya – with an opportunity to explore the cities rich culture throughout. The charette offers an OPPORTUNITY to work in an international and interdisciplinary team, whilst also developing skills in cities surrounded by beautiful architecture and history.

The final deadline to apply is 10th June 2023. More information on the charette and how to apply can be found at :
Looking forward to seeing you there!

This project is partnered with the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) World Congress that is set to take place bilaterally in Nairobi, Kenya and Stockholm, Sweden between 28th-30th September 2023. This year the theme for the world congress is ‘Emergent Interaction’, defined as an environment where individuals share an experience. It aims to explore a network of ideas and borderless strategies in order to find new solutions to the urgent issues of climate change, social inequality and biodiversity loss. Together we will present a collection of local history and culture in a variety of techniques, such as digital storytelling, with a focus on cultivating landscapes where both humans and nature can thrive and adapt to climate change.

The Storytelling Academy have joined IFLA to help deliver a digital storytelling workshop, titled ‘Student Charette’, to students currently studying landscape architecture or similar degrees. The interdisciplinary workshop will take place over the dates 25th-27th September 2023 in Nairobi and Stockholm simultaneously. Each day has been carefully planned and is available to view on the IFLA charette website. Following this workshop, the collaborative videos will be displayed at the IFLA 2023 convention being held 28th-30th September 2023.
We will use storytelling, a staple of the Storytelling Academy, which currently uses a personal narrative alongside a collection of images curated from a personal archive to create a striking and memorable new way of communicating with others. This specific project invites students, both undergrad and postgrads, to partake in making a digital story and presenting it at the IFLA world congress. We are undertaking this process to recognise and commemorate landscape architecture, public spaces, and culture together.

For information about applications to join the Student Charette digital storytelling workshop please follow the link at:
For more information about the IFLA World Congress please visit the link to the convention’s website at: